I write my mind, between my lines
And my feelings, withing my rhymes
Of those words stuck, between my lips
For you to read, before time just slips.

Between my lines, is an unborn story
Where two hearts can bath, in ample glory
Between my lines, I slowly followed you
Within my rhymes, I secretly held you.

“I need you”, spelled with my lines
You are the beauty of my rhymes
All my feelings, and all my thoughts
Memorized your name, I cleverly wrote.

“Will you be with me”, I delivered in word
Inspiring like a, sweet song from birds
Lovingly I wrote, the sweet secrets of my heart
Letting out my feelings, in this poetic art.

Lovely you are, perfect and best
Whenever you are, I forget about the rest
Vocabulary you are, in my poetry
I have lost my heart in you, completely.

Yet once again, words came out short
As with words, restless my heart fought
Hope you found, whats between my lines. Hope you read my feelings, within this rhyme.